Do Not Set Goals… Manifest Them

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Another year has passed, and with most people only a few weeks into their resolutions, I’ve discovered that many individuals are either trying to get started or have already fallen on their way to success.

With 2021 behind us and 2022 beginning out on a sour note (RIP Betty White), it’ll only be a matter of time until we start seeing postings about individuals quitting before they even try to work toward their year’s objectives.

With a pandemic and political instability gripping the news almost daily, I can’t say I blame anyone for feeling too tired even to begin working toward these lofty goals.

Consider manifesting what you want to accomplish instead of giving up totally.

I’m sure you’ve read somewhere that when someone talks about the success they’ve achieved or maintained, it’s because they materialised it for themselves. What exactly does the term “manifest” imply? Manifesting is indicated by having a positive and clear view that you will achieve and recognising that your objectives are merely milestones that you are looking forward to celebrating.

Consider true third-eye stuff, where you sense you’ve already performed these tasks in a foresight kind of way.

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It’s been a running joke for a long time that we self-defecate in how we go about our everyday lives, so it’s not unexpected that we do the same with our plans for personal objectives. Now, I’m all for jokes, especially the self-deprecating kind, but I’m also aware that they might lead to us abandoning our goals before we ever try to achieve them.

Though I’m not entirely schooled in the method of manifestation, I feel that by allowing ourselves to joke about quitting up, we are fulfilling that prophesy since there is still a little belief in the thought that we won’t reach the mark, so why not just stop there?

We can usually accomplish our daily objectives if we take time to think about what we want to do that day, so why not do the same with our long-term goals? Every successful person I’ve seen talk about how they got to where they are all said that they not only reminded themselves of what they could achieve by positively reinforcing the idea that there’s more to life than they need and that they can’t stop until they get there, but they also wrote down their manifestations so that it was solidified and on paper.

It’s no longer just something they spoke out loud to themselves one day; it’s more like a contractual deal with themselves that they must honour.

Because of how much we all have to go on in our lives during the COVID period, I realize that many of us have simply been stuck in the “I give up” mentality after years of exhausting closures and remaining indoors to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe.

However, we must understand that we cannot maintain ourselves in that mental state since doing so would lead us to become accustomed to living in failure.

Sure, you might argue that if you haven’t tried, you haven’t failed, but if you want to succeed and achieve all of your objectives, you must feel that settling is falling because it is.

It’s just as crucial to stay mentally engaged and prepared to stay physically fit. Taking time out of your days to conduct breathing exercises, time of thought, and tranquilly can gradually increase your feeling of self and confidence in getting things done, which is especially important during COVID.

So don’t waste any more time. In every way, manifest the life you deserve for yourself.




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Danish Sayanee

Danish Sayanee

Author | Educationist | Speaker | Entrepreneur

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