Lamborghini Launches It’s First NFT From The Space!

Photo by Håkon Sataøen on Unsplash

Non-fungible tokens are cryptocurrency assets that cannot be exchanged for cash or other traditional assets (NFTs). Lamborghini has used NFTs the same way as Nike, Samsung, and other IT companies have. Lamborghini has never undertaken an NFT project before. According to a statement from the firm, Fabian Oefner and Lamborghini cooperated on five artworks that will be auctioned off on February 1st.

The Key to the Project Space

Between February 1 and 4, RM Sotheby’s and NFT PRO will collaborate with the carmaker to auction five sets of connected digital and physical art.

Lamborghini has used NFTs the same way as Nike, Samsung, and other IT companies have. Twitter, for example, has created a particular Hexa-shaped profile photo frame for NFT holders to display their favourite NFT. Joining the NFT movement, Reddit users can now post their artwork as their profile picture.

Unlike many other NFTs, the Lamborghini artwork will contain five real artefacts to accompany the digital works. Even if the NFT excitement fades, the actual products transported into space as part of the project’s human space exploration premise will still be valued.

What is the Lamborghini NFT, and how does it work?

The construction of these works of art has both a physical and an NFT component. Lamborghini blasted a piece of carbon fibre into space, which functions as the Space Key. The digital component’s NFT is an image of a Lamborghini Aventador Ultimate taking off into the stars.

Photographer A. Oefner took five separate images throughout the automobile’s ascent, each capturing a unique moment in time. The chassis disintegrates into a thousand pieces of metal, with rocket exhaust flames flying out of it.

The NFT Space Key

Since it has been an incredible experience, a piece of unique carbon fibre composite material stands out in the space-themed artwork. The sample was transported to the International Space Station in 2019 as part of a collaborative research initiative between Lamborghini and NASA. After returning from space, the composite was included in the Orbit Key. Only five of these one-of-a-kind things exist, and each is linked to original digital artwork by the same artist, which a QR code can access on the back.

This unique initiative came to completion with the support of NFT PROTM, a white-label NFT solution for businesses. As part of the Lamborghini Space Key programme, the artist’s name and information about the sale will be made public in the following weeks.

The Next Big Thing in Automobiles (NFT)

“Innovation is a crucial component of the Lamborghini DNA,” said CEO Stephan Winkelmann. “We pushed the edge with a coordinated research effort in space two and a half years ago, as the automobile industry’s top provider of carbon fibre composite materials.” Lamborghini’s journey into the metaverse exemplifies the company’s desire to achieve greater heights. We were immediately drawn to the NFT community after hearing about it. We’re looking forward to working with them!”




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Danish Sayanee

Danish Sayanee

Author | Educationist | Speaker | Entrepreneur

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