Top 3 Most Expensive Cryptopunks Ever Sold in 2021

On the global stage, CryptoPunks have come to symbolize NFTs. They’ve become precious pieces of history as algorithmically made digital art that kicked off the CryptoArt trend.

These early NFTs are seen as rare assets that will rise in value over time by retail and institutional investors. Because there are only 10,000 CryptoPunks in circulation, each one has its origin and worth, determined by real-world variables and shifting tastes. As a result, purchasing a CryptoPunk is now analogous to buying an expensive work of art: no discernible utility but gaining in value and a superb addition to any portfolio, with some sellers making a lot of money in the process.

The most expensive CryptoPunks ever sold, along with their pricing at the time of sale, are listed below.

1. CryptoPunk #3100

CryptoPunk #3100 is presently the most costly item sold, despite having only a basic headband. The CryptoPunk’s sale in March 2021 for an astounding $7.58 million is seen as a watershed moment for collectibles and the NFT movement.

The punk is one of the nine aliens, and through its history of creating waves in the NFT scene, it gathers its provenance.

Now, the owner of #3100 has hinted that he intends to set new records once again, advertising their punk for sale for $91 million. If the punk sells, it will seal its position in NFT history once more.

2. CryptoPunk #7804

#7804, one of only nine alien punks, sold for $7.57 million in March 2020 and has been the second most valuable punk ever since.

The forward-facing cap, short sunglasses, and characteristic pipe add to the hipster-looking punk’s uniqueness. All of these traits are shared by less than 400 other punks.

Dylan Field, the CEO of the design and prototyping platform Figma, claimed to be sitting on a “digital Mona Lisa” when he sold the punk.

3. CryptoPunk #8857

CryptoPunk #8857 was ultimately sold for $6.63 on September 11 after a frenzy of interest throughout the summer of 2021, with many multi-million dollar bids.

The zombie punk features the wild hair trait and 3D glasses, increasing its rarity even more. The identifying number also includes the fortunate double 8’s, which are famous among Chinese investors.

#8857’s buyer and seller are both anonymous.




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Danish Sayanee

Danish Sayanee

Author | Educationist | Speaker | Entrepreneur

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